In the Beginning…

As this is my first post on this page, and indeed my first attempt at a blog of any kind, I feel I should start by introducing myself.  This post will serve as a brief overview of who I am, what I am about, and what my intentions are with this page.

About Me

My name is Justin, I am 28 years old, and as I have stated, I am new to the blogging world.  I identify as being various things, but for the purposes of this page, 3 of my positions will be most relevant.

1.  Politically speaking, I am a liberal.  I do not blindly accept any position that comes from the political left, nor do I agree with every position that liberals take.  Overall, however, I tend to be far closer to the liberal side of debate on many important social and economic issues.

2.  I am an atheist.  Shouldn’t be a complete shock here, as the label appears in the title of this page, but it is an accurate label nonetheless.  This means that I do not have any belief in the existence of a god or gods.  Depending on how “god” is defined, my response to it’s existence can vary.  I could be agnostic to it’s existence, or gnostic, for example.  My reasoning will also vary completely as the god concept I am addressing changes.  Overall, however, I use the label “atheist” because I have yet to encounter a definition of god, or a concept of the supernatural, that I find to be convincing.  Thus, I lack belief, and the label “atheist” fits.

3.  Perhaps the position I hold, that generates the most controversy, is the position of being an anti-theist.  This, of course, does not mean that I hate all theists.  Indeed, there are many people in my life, for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect, who are very religious people.  This also does not mean that I believe that every problem or evil that exists in the world is somehow the fault of religion.  Rather, I am an anti-theist because I truly believe that the net impact of religion, on the world as a whole, is a negative one.  The good that is often credited to religion, in my view, could exist entirely independent of these institutions.  While much of the harm that religion causes would not survive without devout followers.  I am convinced that mankind will be far better served to cast aside the traditions, superstitions, and dogmas of the world’s religions.  Of all of my stances, this is the one that inspires the most resistance, and it is quite possibly the position I will spend much of my time discussing.

This Page

As for this page, it is my intention to use this blog as an outlet for many of my thoughts on the above listed positions.  By that I mean that I plan to discuss current events, politics, religion, ethics, morality, philosophy, and many other subjects, from a secular standpoint.  I hope to elaborate on my above listed positions, and challenge many commonly held ideas and beliefs.

I reserve the right to occasionally stray from the stated objective of the page, if a particular story or event is extremely interesting, yet not quite in the scope of what I normally address.  Overall, however, I intend to keep most of my content relevant to the title of the page, and my above listed stances.

Freedom From Religion FoundationThis is going to be a venue of expression, rather than confrontation.  My experience discussing these issues has been mainly in debate format, up to this point, and I still enjoy participating regularly in discussions of that nature.  I am still currently an administrator of a public Facebook debate page, and I encourage anyone reading this to swing by the page and challenge me, or any of the fellow members, on a variety of topics.  On this page, however, I will be more focused on generating content.  This may change in the future, depending on how this project “evolves”, but at the onset I would prefer to direct any debate to the proper forum.  The debate page where I am an admin is

Anyway, that’s a little bit about me, this page, and what my intentions are going forward.  Hopefully, there will be some who find these subjects as interesting as I do, and will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.



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